Free Tutorials - NXT using EV3-G

The new EV3 generation of LEGO MindStorms includes a new programming language, EV3-G, which can also be used with the previous generation of LEGO NXT robots. We hope to eventually bring you tutorials showing how to use EV3-G software with a LEGO NXT MindStorms set. To see the tutorials we have produced so far, click on the headings below.

  1. Video Captions, Caption translation and Educational Equity - Making the most of these videos.
  2. How to download EV3-G into your computer.
  3. Build your first NXT robot, Botticelli.
  4. Make NXT Robot Botticelli Move using EV3-G.
  5. Botticelli talks to an Alien. (Under construction)

HOWEVER, the present version of EV3-G has some continuing problems with some NXT sensors, for example the NXT light sensor that we use a lot. It is possible to "hack the system" to get these sensors working, however I would have to write both "hacked" (now) and "non-hacked" (in the future) versions of these tutorials. I think my rare spare time is probably better spent on developing more EV3 tutorials, so I will suspend work on EV3-G for NXTs until LEGO has fixed some of these problems.