Free Tutorials - EV3

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This is a growing list of free DrGraeme video tutorials that are meant to work with both the LEGO MindStorms EV3 Home (31313)  and LEGO MindStorms EV3 Education (45544) sets, with the exception that the Ultrasonic sensor is only supplied with the EV3 Education kit (45544), and the Infrared sensor is only supplied with the EV3 Home (31313) kit.

Starting out with the LEGO MindStorms EV3 Tutorials.

  1. A1. Video Captions, Caption translation, and Educational Equity - Making the most of these videos, click here.
  2. A2. Download and install the free LEGO MindStorms EV3-G home edition programming software.
  3. A3. Adding a LEGO MindStorms EV3 Infrared Sensor to the EV3 Education Set.
  4. A4. Adding a LEGO MindStorms EV3 Ultrasonic Sensor to the EV3 Home Set.
  5. A5. Adding an Ultrasonic Sensor Block to the LEGO MindStorms EV3 Home Set editor.

Building a 2-wheeled EV3 Robot, Robot faces, speech, straight lines and curves.

  1. B1. Build your very first EV3 robot, Botticelli; click here.
  2. B2. Teach your LEGO EV3 Robot Botticelli to move using EV3-G.
  3. B3. Approaching an Alien, click here.
  4. B4. Build your second EV3 Robot.
  5. B5. Going around the Moon, click here.
  6. B6. Robot Floor Cleaner
  7.       Moving without Wheels (Eventually like these)

Building a three wheeled EV3 Robot, using a color sensor.

  1. C1. Build your third EV3 SUMO robot, YayaBot, click here.
  2. C2. Robot SUMO (using a Color Sensor)
  3. C3. Toys in the Swimming Pool (using a color sensor)
  4. C4. Follow the Edge of a Line
  5.       Robot Coliseum Racing  (Eventually like this)
  6.       Robot Line Maze Solving (Under construction, like these)
  7.       Robot Path Maze Solving (Eventually...)
  8.       Robot Treasure Hunt (Eventually like this?)

Building a compact 3-wheeled EV3 Robot, using touch, gears and distance-measuring sensors.

  1.        Child and Lolly Jar. (Eventually like this)
  2. D2  Toy in the Swimming Pool (using an Infrared sensor)
  3. D3. Toy in the Swimming Pool (using an Ultrasonic sensor)
  4. D4. Toys in the Swimming Pool (using Color and Infrared Sensors).
  5.        Robot SUMO using an Infrared Sensor. (Eventually...)
  6.        Robot SUMO using an Ultrasonic Sensor. (Eventually...)
  7.        Build compact Robot. (Under construction, like this or this)
  8.        Robot Coliseum Racing (Eventually like this)
  9.        Drag Race (Eventually...)
  10.        Snail Race (Eventually...)
  11.        Climb the Highest Mountain (Eventually like this)
  12.        Robot Tug-of-War (Eventually like this)
  13.        MineSweeper (Eventually like this)
  14.        Robot Catapult (Eventually like this)

EV3 Topics using extra components.

  1. Australian RoboCup Rescue (Eventually like this)
  2. Australian GEN II Soccer (Eventually like this, this or this)
  3. Sensor Tutorials (Eventually like these).