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Free Tutorial Videos for the LEGO MindStorms EV3 set using EV3-G.

These free tutorial videos for LEGO MindStorms EV3 sets are grouped into roughly five sections, all of which are still under construction. The preliminary "A" videos are mainly "setting the scene" for the later tutorials. These later tutorials have been combined in the "Fun with LEGO EV3 for Absolute Beginners" courses outlined in options "A9", "A10" or "A11" below. These courses are the suggested way to use these videos, because we have found from past experience that the video order used in this course is the easiest way students learn from these tutorials.

If you have had previous EV3 experience, you may prefer to choose the "B", "C", "D" and "E" videos individually, but be aware that these tutorials assume that you have already done the previous lower-numbered tutorials, so it is a good idea to do the "B" to "E" Challenges in roughly the order shown in these lists. 

Starting out with the LEGO MindStorms EV3 Tutorials.

These "A" videos are mainly "setting the scene" for the later EV3 tutorials. The A0 tutorial introduces the series. To get the best from these tutorials, it is important to look at the A1 tutorial. If you are using the EV3 Home set, you will also need to look at video A2, but this is not necessary if you have the EV3 Education set, as your school IT person will be responsible for installing the Education software. The other "A" tutorials can be taken when needed.

Building a 2-wheeled EV3 Robot, Robot faces, speech, straight lines and curves.

These "B" videos are mainly beginner videos introducing how to build and control the simplest LEGO MindStorms EV3 two-wheel robot (although we do sneak in a three-wheel robot in B4 to cope with some difficult carpet conditions). We learn about robot faces and voices, plus how to teach our robot to go in straight and curved paths.

Building a three wheeled EV3 Robot, using a color sensor.

These "C" videos introduce use of the LEGO MindStorms EV3 Color sensor. They show how to build the beginner SUMO Robot YayaBot, how to play EV3 robot SUMO, and how to follow the edge of a line using YayaBot.

Building a compact 3-wheeled EV3 Robot, using touch, gears and distance-measuring sensors.

These "D" videos introduce the LEGO EV3 Ultrasonic and EV3 Infrared distance-measuring sensors, as well as showing some better ways of playing robot SUMO. Note that LEGO include the Ultrasonic sensor in the Education EV3 set, and the Infrared sensor in the EV3 Home set. The Ultrasonic Sensor and Infrared Sensor can be purchased separately.

EV3 Topics using extra components.

This last group will probably be called the "E" videos. They will introduce the use of third party sensors such as those produced by HiTechnic, Dexter Industries and MindSensors, etc..

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