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LEGO EV3 MindStorms robot cleans the floor - tutorial 

8) A Robot Floor Cleaner - Tutorial

Our pretend “floor” is divided into squares, and to “clean” this floor LucyBot must pass over each square.
To see an overview of this Challenge, click here.
The squares can be passed in any order. Because this is a Challenge, we are not giving you detailed instructions about how to teach LucyBot to clean the floor. However you might get some good ideas by watching the very different ways that other students, using other robots, have “cleaned their floors”.
To see two examples from Margate School, click here.
To see two examples from Huonville School, click here.
To see two examples from a TAG workshop, click here.
To see two examples from Mount Nelson School, click here.
If you want some extra help, maybe the hints in the following video may be useful.
To see helpful hints about the Floor Cleaner Challenge, click here.

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