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LEGO EV3 Robot goes around the moon Tutorial 

7) Going around the Moon – Tutorial & Challenge.

Let us pretend that LucyBot leaves the “Earth,” goes out to one side of side of our “Moon”, goes around the Moon, and comes back to land safely on Earth.
To see how to get ready to “Go Around the Moon”, click here.
First we want to teach LucyBot to go out in to space, alongside our Moon.
To see how to teach LucyBot to go out to our Moon, click here.
Next we need to teach her to move in a gentle curve.
To see how to teach LucyBot to go around our Moon, click here.
Coming safely back to Earth is really important!
To see how to teach LucyBot to return to our Earth, click here.
How many ways can you teach your Robot to “Go around the Moon”? In the past our students have made many marvellous attempts at teaching their Robots to go in an imaginary journey around the moon - here are a few we managed to capture. The first video shows some of the first Robot journeys.
To see some first Moon runs, click here.
If our Robotics Session was a longer one, some students had time to be more ambitious. Take a look at these, especially the last one, where everything went wrong, but like the Astronauts in Apollo 13, he persevered, and eventually overcame his problems and got back to Earth - even if he is the only student in ¾ of a decade of assisting multiple schools that I have seen bring his Space Craft in to Earth backwards! Incredible persistence!
To see more advanced Moon runs, click here.

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