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LEGO EV3 ROBOT Moves Speaks Smiles tutorial 

5) Teaching your Robot to move, smile and speak - Tutorial

Let us pretend that an Alien Ambassador has come to Earth. We don't know whether the Alien is dangerous or not.  We will send Botticelli to approach the Alien instead of us, because if anything goes wrong it will be a Robot and not us that will be zapped. We need to teach Botticelli to move, smile and speak. We will need to figure out how far to send Botticelli so that it does not collide with the Alien Ambassador – that might start an intergalactic war!
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Before Botticelli starts, it should seem to be nice and friendly.
To see how to teach Botticelli to smile, click here.
Next we want our Alien to go to the “Red Carpet” in front of the Alien. We must be very careful not to collide with the Alien (might cause an intergalactic war!!!).
To see how to teach Botticelli to go to the Alien, click here.
When the Robot reaches the Alien Ambassador, we want Botticelli to say a polite “Hello”, change its smile to a “waiting patiently” smile, and wait for a reply.
To find out how to teach Botticelli to speak to the Alien, click here.
Unfortunately we have had a lot of problems with Alien’s Universal Translators not working properly. Botticelli has waited, and has not received a reply. So maybe we will have to tell Botticelli to look disappointed, say a polite “Thank you” and “Goodbye”.
To find out how to teach Botticelli to say goodbye, click here.
Next we have to get Botticelli back to safety away from the Alien. He will look disappointed at not being able to speak with the Alien, and go backwards towards safety, so he can keep an eye on the Alien to make sure nothing goes wrong.
To find out how to bring Botticelli back home safely, click here.

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