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Yaya Lu Science Fair first prize. 

Science Fair Grade 8 Entry

Yaya Lu wrote a report comparing the effectiveness of different brands of washing powders. She used sensors attached to an LEGO NXT robot to measure the differing changes that occurred due to washing, varying with the type of stain used. Yaya used the LEGO NXT data logging ability to record these changes, and then plotted the results using Microsoft's Excel spreadsheet to change the readings into graphs. The complete report won multiple awards that can be seen under the heading "Science Bronze Quest Award" on Yaya's web site at
In an attempt to make Science Fair entries more attractive to students, especially girls, Yaya has made her report more widely available.
To download Yaya's Grade 8 prize-winning report in ePub eBook format, click here.
It is also available in pdf format, click here.