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Teaching LEGO EV3 ROBOT to move - tutorial 

4) Teaching Your Robot to Move - Tutorial

Now that we have installed the software, we need to find out how to use it. This tutorial teaches us how to connect Botticelli to our Laptop or Desktop computer, and how to teach Botticelli to move by typing in our first program to our laptop or desktop computer.
To see how to teach Botticelli to move (parts 1 & 2), click here.
Our LEGO EV3 computer brick has an “operating system” that is just called “firmware”.  Occasionally LEGO issues updated firmware for the EV3 bricks. If you see a notice telling you that the firmware on your brick needs updating, this video shows you how to update your EV3 computer brick.
How do we update the Botticelli’s EV3 Computer Brick (part 3), click here
Now that we have the software working, we can find out if Botticelli obeys our command to move. This video also shows us how to save our program (so we can play with it again later), and also how to turn off Botticelli.
To see how Botticelli moves, how to save our program, and how to turn off Botticelli (part 4), click here. 

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