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Download free LEGO EV3 software from LEGO website 

3) Downloading and Installing your free LEGO Programming software - Tutorial

To allow us to teach Botticelli (and the other robots we will build later) what to do, we need to have special software installed inside our Laptop or Desktop computer. The first video tells us more about what software we need, and why we need it.
To find out why we need to install the software, click here.
We need to download and install the free LEGO EV3 Editing Software on our own Laptop or Desktop, before we can teach our Robot how to move. The following video shows an installation on a Windows 7 computer. Installations on other computers are roughly similar.
To see how to install the LEGO EV3 Home software on a Windows 7 computer, click here.
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Ying Chen Teaching LEGO EV3 robot to move Tutorial