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Beginner fun for LEGO EV3 Robotics Tutorials

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Course Outline
This is a robotics course for absolute beginners, assuming absolutely no prior technical background. It will take you gently through the tutorials shown on this page.
This course is structured as a “hands-on” “Learning-by-Doing” course, with new programming ideas introduced only when they are immediately needed by the robot. There is an absolute minimum of “talking-head” videos.
You will need to have access to a LEGO MindStorms EV3 set. The course is suitable for both the LEGO EV3 Education and the LEGO EV3 Home sets. The course shows you how to download a free EV3-G Editor from LEGO. The LEGO Editor is suitable for both Windows and Apple computers, but does not work for Linux, most tablets and smart phones. However the course videos can be played back on these devices, so that you can have the video directions available on a tablet right alongside your LEGO set as you go through this course.
Why eBook?
When we started out in 2006, we only had to consider desktops, all of which had fairly similar screen sizes. Things have changed! Screen sizes now vary enormously, from the tiny screen on a watch, to huge monitors that can almost cover a wall. We had looked at eBooks earlier, but it is only recently that commonly available eBook readers could handle videos.
To see why we now like the idea of eBooks, click here.
There are a confusing amount of eBook standards currently in use. We chose to initially convert some tutorials into ePub format, as this standard is public domain and not tied to any manufacturer. There are free ePub readers available on most smartphones, tablets and desktops that we tried. We chose the ePUBReader mounted on FireFox as one of the most convenient for use with Windows 7.
To see how to install FireFox in Windows 7, click here.
To see how to install ePUBReader into FireFox, and to see it demonstrated, click here.
We tested our ePub on Apple devices, and found iBook works well.
The downside of ePub is that the Kindle devices do not read this format, for these devices you need an eBook in Amazon's special Kindle eBook format, click here.
To download this fun EV3 Robotics ePub eBook (Edition 2), click here.
This tutorial Ebook is also available in printable pdf format; click here.

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 Ying Chen