A2: Downloading and Installing the LEGO MindStorms EV3-G software.

LEGO EV3 Software Download Video INDEX:

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LEGO EV3 Software Download.

The free LEGO EV3 software can be downloaded from here.

LEGO EV3 Software and the NXT.

The EV3-G software can be used with both the LEGO EV3 Home (31313) set and the LEGO EV3 Education (45544) sets. The EV3-G software can also be used to control a LEGO MindStorms NXT computer brick. However note that not all the EV3-G facilities are available with the NXT, for example EV3 data logging does not work on the NXT computer brick. We hope to eventually include tutorials about the use of the use of EV3 software with the LEGO NXT here.

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